杨锋艺术与教育基金会2018年度展览《阿波斯托洛斯·乔治亚:情景》(Apostolos Georgiou: Situations)将于2018年3月10日于深圳“有空间”与“额外空间”双空间举办希腊艺术家阿波斯托洛斯·乔治亚在华首个展览,也是横跨艺术家创作生涯40年的中型回顾展。希腊艺术家阿波斯托洛斯·乔治亚40年来专注于绘画创作,离群索居,其作品创作灵感来源于对生活的观察,画作表现冲突、紧张或荒诞场景,充满内在张力。2017年,艺术家艺术家受邀参加第14届卡塞尔文献展,其作品受到国际广泛的瞩目,作品也获得希腊当代艺术美术馆和蓬皮杜美术馆等多家机构收藏。


Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation 2018 Exhibition Series presents “Situations: Apostolos Georgiou” on March 10, 2018 at You Space and Extra Space in Shenzhen. This exhibition marks the artist’s premiere in China, a moderate scale retrospective of his 40 years of artistic practice. Over the past four decades, Apostolos Georgiou lived in reclusion to focus on painting and drawing, his works are inspired by everyday observations from life, replete of tension, these works depict the scenarios of conflict, anxiety or absurdity. In 2017, Georgiou was invited to participate in the 14th Documenta whose works had drawn attentions worldwide, of which many was acquired by Contemporary Art Museum of Greece, Centre Pompidou and other art institutions.